If you are considering a renovation of your home's bathroom, it is prudent to consider all of the project's required steps. This is the type of project that will take some time and plenty of elbow grease to complete.

The first step of a bathroom renovation is demolition. The bathroom will be gutted. The toilet, vanity, tub, floor, shower walls and other fixtures will be removed. The only thing that should remain is the drywall (if even that). Once gutted, the "skeleton" of the bathroom will be inspected for mold issues. If plumbing problems must be corrected, they will be tended to at this point in the renovation project. This includes adding shower control rough-in, pipes and roughing-in sink drains. The next step is to install grab-bars. Grab-bars are typically installed between 33 and 36" off the floor to provide blocking between studs.

At this point, subfloor will be implemented so tile can be placed. If necessary, plywood will be added to boost the subfloor's girth. The next step is to install electric rough-in. If necessary, the bathroom vent fan will be repositioned closer to the tub for improved ventilation. The power supply will be re-routed to this new location and lights will be added as necessary. Concrete board will be added to the shower walls to guard against moisture and mold. This is the preferred underlayment for bathroom tile. The next step is to tile the bathroom's floor as well as the shower. The new bathroom fan will be screwed in and new shower doors will be installed. If the homeowner desires any other amenities, they will be incorporated at this point. Examples include medicine cabinets, towel bars, extra light fixtures, mirrors etc. The final step is to install the vanity along with the toilet.

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