Is your bathroom outdated or dreary? Does it look like a generic hotel bathroom rather than a warm, inviting space? A new shower is a budget-friendly way to give your bathroom an entirely new look. Showers add sophistication and functionality to a bathroom.

With so many different types of showers, it can be hard to choose the right one. Do you need inspiration? Here are 3 of the best shower design ideas to help you get started.

Glass-Enclosed Shower

A glass-enclosed shower offers a clean, sleek design. It is great for simple, modern bathrooms. If you want to give your bathroom an elegant, contemporary look, a glass-enclosed shower is the way to go. Glass-enclosed showers are great for smaller bathrooms as they can make the room appear visually larger. These types of showers are also easy to clean. Some have finishes that repel water spots and soap scum making them even easier to maintain.

Open Shower

Open or doorless showers have become very popular recently and for a good reason. They make bathrooms feel larger and are great for aging in place. Open showers have no door, threshold or shower curtain. Most feature just a shower and a grate in the floor for drainage. These showers require special design considerations. Here are some tips for open shower design:

  • - Install the shower in the corner - This helps provide privacy and prevents water from spraying.
  • - A half-wall can protect against water splashes.
  • - Allow a 6-foot buffer zone on every open side to guard against flooding.
  • - Outfit your bathroom with surfaces that can withstand moisture well. Even with careful attention to the design of your open shower, water can escape. So, make sure that the rest of the surfaces are designed to stand up against water damage.
  • Glass Block Enclosed Shower

    Showers that feature glass block enclosures eliminate the need for a door. The glass blocks are stylish and versatile. Glass blocks have sharp lines and serve as a focal point. There are many different patterns and textures to choose from when it comes to glass blocks. The options are nearly limitless. You can choose from various styles, colors and thicknesses to customize your shower how you want.

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