A well-designed bathroom can provide years of comfort and pleasure. Investing in a bathroom remodel can be a great way to add value and comfort to your home. A poorly designed bathroom remodel can be a nightmare. It can be a complicated space to remodel due to plumbing, electrical and other changes that often need to be made. Fortunately, these four strategies will help ensure that your bathroom remodel goes smoothly.

Have a Plan

Before beginning any remodel, think very hard about how you will use the space. Also, develop a budget and determine if your budget is realistic for what you have in mind. Although working with a designer might seem unnecessary for a bathroom remodel, it is actually money that is well spent. It will help prevent expensive errors down the road by ensuring that your budget and timeline are realistic for the design that you want.

Don't Forget to Leave Room in Your Budget for Unplanned Expenses

As you prepare your budget for your bathroom remodel, keep in mind that you should plan to add a cushion of at least 10 percent into your budget for unexpected expenses. During a remodel, it is unavoidable that additional costs will come up. So, leave a little room in your budget.

Use Your Existing Plumbing

If at all possible, use your existing plumbing when remodeling. It can be very tricky and expensive to move plumbing, so forget about moving the tub over to the other side of the bathroom. Not only will leaving your existing plumbing where it's at saves money but it will also reduce the amount of debris and dust that your remodel generates and be less disruptive to you.

Stick With Only Hiring Professionals

Although you might be tempted to hire an unlicensed contractor who is willing to do the remodel for half the price, skip the temptation. Hiring a contractor who is not insured, bonded, and licensed if need be is not worth the gamble. This protects you if the contractor gets injured on your property, doesn’t finish the job or neglects to obtain the proper permits.

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