Kitchens are undeniably the heart of today's home, and you want it to look it's best. Kitchen remodeling ranks among the most popular home improvement updates, and if you're looking for trendy new kitchen design ideas, we welcome you to the top 4 most popular trends of the 21st century!

Trend #1: White Is The New Everything

The preference for white cabinets are soaring and could not get any more popular. Just last year, the National Kitchen and Bath Association stated that white is their top choice for cabinets, a whopping 20% increase from the previous year. White appliances, being much easier to clean than stainless, are one of the sleekest and most elegant choices to go with. Add some white cabinets with a white backsplash, and you'll be rocking what was spotted in the 2014 Best in American Living Awards!

White is nice, but what if you want color? In comes trend #2...

Trend #2: Neutral Gray: The Best Color

The popularity of sleek and sophisticated gray color schemes is soaring right there with white. However, be careful, gray is a tricky color. If you are in a cold and cloudy climate, gray can appear almost frozen unless you are using it on warmer materials such as wooden cabinets (or if you pair it with a different color). If you in a warm and sunny environment, gray can appear pleasantly cool, giving you a breath of fresh air from the heat! So while white is a safe bet, gray is neutral enough.

Trend #3: Be Minimalistic

Minimalistic kitchens have been making a major surge with similar styles and limited colors being the biggest trend. Today's 21st century homeowner is dedicated to "simple and sleek" and remodeling contractors have seen a significant increase in such styles. A minimalist space will make your kitchen look larger than its actual dimensions, and it also presents a much cleaner setting. Also, there's no place for accessories in a minimalist kitchen, so put your unnecessary appliances away to get that sleek and sophisticated look!

Trend #4: Island Units

Kitchens are increasing in size and homeowners are increasingly adding island units to refine their kitchen's overall design. This has been proven to be very popular and has allowed homeowners to incorporate luxury additions such as wine coolers and breakfast bars. By adding an island, you are going for a more minimalist finish which is right in line with current trends. This more efficient layout provides a better platform to showcase a higher quality finish.

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