For 2016, bathroom remodeling trends are leaning towards the luxurious and convenient. If you want to achieve both, you need to stay on top of the latest design trends. Here is a peak at the top bathroom remodeling trends for 2016, according to the recent Kitchen and Bath Industry Show:

Imbue your bathroom with a high tech twist. Time spent in your bathroom can become an experience for your senses with the addition of tub side refrigeration, chromatherapy, and built in audio systems. The demand for tricked out showers with separate controls for temperature, water pressure, and steam is high. Built in stereo systems in tubs, showers, and medicine cabinets are also becoming extremely popular.

Save water with new fixtures. The U.S. government’s recent introduction of the WaterSense seal (which is similar to EnergyStar), manufacturers are becoming increasingly smarter reducing the amount of water used in toilets and faucets. Most major toilet manufacturers are now offering dual flush toilets, which offer two different flushing options: 8 gallon and 1.6 gallon flushes. For example, Caroma, an Australian manufacturer, was one of the first companies to introduce dual flush toilets to the market and now offers more than 30 models to choose from.

It’s all about the seams (or lack thereof). Continuing on from a trend that first started in 2015, fixtures and storage are being kept undercover to ensure a clean, minimalist look is achieved. After remodeling your bathroom, the overall feel of the space should remind you of a spa.

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