A home addition is often a joyful undertaking. You think happily about the new addition you're going to put on. Before you start, you may have lots of questions that you want answered. It is a good idea to do as much research as possible before you begin; proper attention to detail and lots of knowledge can help you save money on your planned renovation and also make it flow as smoothly as possible.

Who Should Do My Home Addition? This might be your first question. In many municipalities, you will need to arrange for special permits from area authorities even before you begin the process. If you've done lots of work on your home before, you might be able to do much of the work yourself. If you haven't done anything more complicated than plug in an appliance or put together a television stand, you're far better off getting a professional at your side. Look for qualified contractors with a long history of satisfied customers and excellent work. Hire only bonded professionals.

How Long Will It Probably Take? This answer really varied depending on multiple factors. If you are only planning to add in a small room, you can probably expect it to take less than a week or even just a single weekend to finish the entire thing. If you are planning more extensive renovations, you can expect it to take a lot longer. You should prepare for this prospect by making sure you have a place to stay in the meantime. Set aside a suite of rooms.

When Should I Schedule The Renovations? That really depends on where you live. If you own a house in Florida, you want to avoid doing renovations during hurricane season. If you live in Minnesota, the winter months are probably a very bad idea. Most experts suggest renovating during the mild winter months or early in October to take advantage of the good weather.

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