Adding on to a home is a big decision. As a homeowner, you probably have a lot of questions before you decide to add on. There are a few simple questions to ask yourself and we are here to answer them

What Type of Addition?

Think about the type of addition that would best suit your home and your family’s needs. A few popular home additions are great rooms, master bedrooms and mudrooms. Sometimes homeowners opt for an unattached home addition, such as a barn or pool house. Also, take into consideration the location of your new addition and how it will flow with the rest of the home.

What’s My Budget?

This is an important factor. Deciding what your budget is and how much you’d like to spend can greatly impact the style, type and size of your home addition. Also, ask yourself if the addition on your home could add value if you decided to sell your home in the future.

How Can I Design It?

With a new addition, you can design it any way you wish. Determine if your home is lacking anything that can be included in the renovation. This will help amp up your home and giving you the space you’ve dreamed of.

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