If you’re looking to give your master suite, guest bathroom or kids’ bathroom a new and updated look, check out our do’s and don’ts before your next bathroom renovation!

1. Do lots of planning!

Proper planning is the most important step to ensure successful completion of any remodeling project. The layout and functionality for your new bathroom should be determined by who will use the bathroom the most. For example: Master bathroom: If you’re looking to incorporate spa-like features into your home, consider options like a shower seats, shampoo shelves and a zero threshold shower for a sleek, attractive and practical look.

Kids bathroom: For quicker morning and bedtime routines, consider installing double sinks to accommodate multiple kids and non-slip, easy clean surfaces. Guest bathroom: Consider built-in shelving for your guests so they have a place to store their items without intruding your space.

2. Do ensure adequate ventilation and light

Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew, leaving serious marks behind on painted surfaces or finishes. Be sure to consider fan placements and humidity-sensing units to control the moisture in the air.

As for light, your ultimate goal should be to bring about different layers of illumination into the room. Take into account the shape of the space you have to work with and install a lighting system that complements the entire room.

3. Do add more storage

Nothing ruins the beauty of a bathroom more than clutter! Consider installing a customized storage to keep your towels, personal products and all other items in a convenient place.

There are easy and functional ways to improve your bathroom’s space, and they can be surprisingly affordable! Our team works with your budget so you can get the functionality that you need for a price that you can afford.

4. Don’t always go with the cheapest quote you get

Despite saving a few dollars up front, this isn’t the best way to start your renovation. When you pay for a cheap bathroom remodel, your contractor is likely using cheap materials. These have terrible longevity and will only cause you problems in the long run.

Trust a contractor such as West County Renovations to offer you a fair price for great work! We only use premium finishes and employ experienced designers and builders.

5. Don’t rush the remodel process

It’s important to not only budget money for your remodel, but also to budget your time. A quality renovation does not happen overnight, so ensure that you’re planning enough time for your contractors to do a great job! Depending on how much you plan on doing to your bathroom or if you plan on moving your plumbing around, a project can take anywhere from a week to a month.

A job done quickly and hastily will only cause you to re-renovate your bathroom, costing you potentially thousands of additional dollars.

To get your own bathroom remodel started, contact West County Renovations today! Our experienced team has extensive experience planning, budgeting and installing the most gorgeous bathrooms in the Valley Park area.