As a focal point of the room, the bathtub you choose has a tremendous impact on the overall look of a bathroom remodel. There are several factors you should consider before making your final choice.

The Type of Tub

Clawfoot and other freestanding tubs become the biggest focal point, while those against walls and in corners flow into the overall design scheme of the room. If you want your bathtub to resemble the cabinetry or tile, consider a drop-in tub that sits in a matching frame. Tub and shower combinations maximize the space in a smaller bathroom, also providing space for a built-in storage cabinet.

Costs and Construction

If you are on a budget you may have to choose a cheaper tub made of acrylic or fiberglass, though you can still likely find the style you are looking for. Tubs made from enameled steel are more durable and are moderately priced. If you love to soak for hours in the tub, consider cast iron that keeps the water warm. If cost is not an issue, consider a copper tub that instantly becomes an eye-catching feature of the room. Also on the higher end of the price range are stunning tubs carved from stone or wood that are decorator pieces in and of themselves.

Added Features

Installing a new tub involves a lot of effort and cost, so you want to be sure to add the features you are looking for before you make a final decision. There are several types of jets and bubbles that can warm the water, operate at different speeds, or even massage your feet. These features not only make bath time more enjoyable, they can help people suffering from sore muscles after a long day. LED lights installed underwater let you change colors to suit your mood or decor, and resonant speaker panels provide an even more relaxing atmosphere.

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