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How Can A Home Addition Increase My Homes Value?

If you're thinking about an addition to your home, it's important to consider what type of home improvements can add value to your home. Home improvements can be pretty expensive, so knowing which ones will pay off, in the long run, is important. Consider the following three home additions that can help increase the value of your home:

Bathroom addition: You can expect to get back 80-130% of what you spend on a bathroom addition if your home currently only has one bathroom. If you're going to invest in adding that second bathroom, be sure to make it a full bath instead of a half bath. This can add significant value to your home. When choosing fixtures, don't focus on the premium upgrades as spending more money here will not be a huge value add to your home. On the other hand, lighting is a great place to invest in higher quality fixtures as light can make a space appear larger than it is.

Convert an existing living space into a functional room addition: While adding complete rooms to your house can get very expensive, converting an existing room to a usable living space is an excellent way to recoup your money when you sell your home. Some ideas to consider would be finishing a basement or converting an office or an attic to a bedroom.

Wood deck: Adding a wooden deck is a project where you can expect to recoup 75-85% in the added value to the home. More and more people are placing a high value on the exterior of their homes as time spent at home with family and entertaining guests is on the rise.

While home additions can add curb appeal, making smart decisions is key. Do your research ahead of time and get competitive quotes. Spending money in the right places can prove to be extremely advantageous when it comes time to sell. For more information, Contact the team at West County Renovations today!

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