If you're handy, it's entirely possible that you can replace a toilet or a faucet, repair bathtub grout or even re-tile the shower. But if you want to create a totally new and glamorous powder room, or create a luxurious master bath spa, consider calling in a professional remodeling contractor.

The benefits include the following:

Design Expertise

A professional may be able to easily tweak your plan to give you more room, make the layout more efficient or allow you additional storage space. In addition, a creative contractor will offer advice about lighting, safety, quality, form, function and service, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Familiarity with Costs and Trends

New faucets, fixtures and finishes are introduced regularly. Quality can be found at many different price points. Trends come and go. If you want to assure good value for your budget, and you want to be sure that your bathroom won't look dated the day it is finished, rely on professional advice.

Code Knowledge and Professional Standards

Most locales require a permit to relocate a bathroom fixture, install a new water line or reroute a drain or sewer line. A remodeling contractor will navigate the permit and inspection requirements for you, giving you the assurance that all work is up to required standards.

Energy Efficiency

Water savings and eco-consciousness play into most bathroom renovations; know that your choices of fixtures, faucets and materials impact not only initial cost, but also what you will pay over the long-term for utilities. It pays to make wise decisions; a remodeling contractor who deals with those options on a regular basis will help you make smart choices.

One Call Does All

A contractor assumes overall responsibility for assuring that your renovation proceeds smoothing from start to final cleanup. All associated project tasks will be coordinated by a lead individual; if you have questions about scheduling, ordering and deliveries, about job progression, or about costs and quality, you need only make a single call to get your answers.

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