Small bathrooms can be frustrating. With everything jammed into a few square feet, managing it all can be difficult. Fortunately, with these three bathroom remodeling tips for small spaces, you can maximize space and give guests the illusion that your bathroom is much bigger than it is.

Use Horizontal Lines to Enhance Space

Painting horizontal lines on your bathroom walls makes your bathroom seem larger than it is. With a continuous flow of lines spanning the width of your bathroom, simply put, it seems wider. You can maximize this perception by using contrasting colors for more depth.

Incorporate Mirrors into Your Bathroom Remodel

Mirrors are fundamental to your bathroom design when you want to make a small space look larger. Your mirror maximizes the light streaming in from the sun and the artificial light overhead. By reflecting light and making your bathroom brighter, it will appear bigger. You can easily get more bang for your buck by using over-sized mirrors.

Make a Statement with Bold Colors in Your Bathroom

Typically, you paint to get a new look for your space. You may pick a color you like because you’re fond of it at the moment, but there is more to color than what’s trending. In fact, with the right color, you can make your bathroom look massive.

Light colors reflect the light in your bathroom, which gives the appearance that you have more space, compared to dark colors. If you paint with dark colors, your room will seem smaller. Try the following colors to get the most potential from your paint job:

  • - Off-white
  • - Light blue
  • - Light green
  • - Pale yellow
  • As mentioned above, use horizontal lines by alternating shades of one light-reflecting color, such as a bright green.

    If you feel trapped by the idea of having a small bathroom, step out the box and remodel with a focus on maximizing space. Be strategic, and get the look you want with your bathroom remodel.

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