There are numerous tips and tricks to make your bathroom appear larger and be more function. Below are some easy to follow tips:

1. Use Shelves

Use shelves anywhere you can fit them. Shelves give you storage space which effectively expands your bathroom. You can install floating shelves, shelves that make use of space above your toilet, or corner shelves.

2. Transform the Space Under Your Sink

The space under your sink can be wasted. If you have a floating sink, add a cabinet or place a set of shelves underneath it. If you already have a cabinet, install more shelves and hooks inside so you can store more.

3. Add Recessed Storage

Install a small recessed closet or pantry, or drawers so you have more space to put things to keep them out of the way. With recessed storage, you're using space taken up by a wall that would otherwise go to waste.

4. Make Your Sink Multifunctional

You can make your sink multifunctional by installing a shelf or board that pulls out of the wall to cover the basin of the sink. Your sink is free to function as a surface similar to a counter. You can use it as a vanity or even place a tablet on it to watch movies while you take a bath.

5. Make Your Doors Useful

The doors in your bathroom waste a lot of space. Make use of this space by adding hooks to the doors. You can store towels or bags of personal toiletries on the hooks. You can also install shelves above the entrance or closet doors for towels or toilet paper.

With these tips you can maximize storage and space to make your bathroom more functional. If you are looking for professional bathroom remodeling services, contact West County Renovations today.