A bathroom remodel can add a significant amount of value to your home. Not only will future buyers appreciate it, but you and your family will be able to enjoy using your newly remodeled bathroom. However, if you’ve never gone through a bathroom remodel before, it pays to know these five design tips.

1. Know Your Budget

Bathroom remodeling job costs can quickly spiral out of control. Between unexpected conditions, the rising costs of materials and the homeowner constantly wanting to add elements to the job, by the time it’s over, you could get shocked by the cost.

Instead, set a bathroom remodeling budget well in advance. Understand exactly how much things are going to cost, so you can easily change things around if necessary without adding to the bill. Have some reserve waiting in the wings if some unexpected conditions are uncovered once the remodel begins, such as leaking pipes behind the shower stall, mold, or anything else.

2. Don’t Misplace the Toilet

You and your family shouldn’t see the toilet immediately upon opening the bathroom door. The bathroom door is most often left ajar, so if the toilet is front and center, you’ll always be looking at it as you pass by.

A better idea is to tuck the toilet behind a knee wall or on the far side of the sink vanity.

3. Leave Room For Cabinets

Many times, homeowners doing a bathroom remodel forget to leave storage space for towels, toiletries, and medicine. If all you have are a couple of drawers in the vanity, you’ll soon be wishing you had left room for a spacious cabinet inside the bathroom.

4. Choose Your Tub and Shower First

Your tub and shower will take up the most space in your bathroom. Everything else after that has to fit around it. Once you have your tub and shower picked out, you’ll know how much space you have available for the toilet and sink.

5. Have a Backup Bathroom

Your bathroom remodels will take longer than you think to complete. While you’re waiting for it to be finished, you and your family will need to have another bathroom available for daily use.

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