It's the moment you've been waiting for - a brand new bathroom! You've saved up enough and you want to impress friends and family for the holiday seasons coming just around the corner. What time couldn't be better for remodeling? Word to the wise, though, there are plenty of things to consider before you start. We'll give you the skinny on five tips you should know from top interior designers.

Tip #1: Go With the Pros

Bathrooms are pretty special rooms in the house - they've got lots of plumbing and wiring and are used 365 days of the year. With this in mind, it's best to hire an experienced professional who can guide you through the remodel and avoid costly mistakes.

Tip #2: Bathroom Safety is 'In'

Handlebars and walk-in showers aren't just for your grandparents - they have recently become stylish additions for homeowners of all ages. So don't be afraid to incorporate them into your bathroom model. You'll appreciate it in the long run!

Tip #3: Think About Longevity

Your new bathroom will stick around once it's completed, so make careful decisions before you commit. Choose a design that increases value if you plan to move within five years, but if you're going to stay seven years or more, pick out what you want.

Tip #4: Choose Materials with Care

Wallpaper in the bathroom? You might want to rethink that. Materials with mildew and moisture resistance will last much longer in bathrooms and are easier to clean.

Tip #5: Treat it Like a Relationship

Bathrooms aren't fashion flings; they're much like living with your spouse. The sink countertop's height, the feel of the tub, and other details are all things you'll have to live with, so choose them carefully!

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