The bathroom is a place that many consider a sanctuary in the home. Many people will retreat to the bathroom for a relaxing shower or soak in the tub at the end of the day. Being able to remodel the bathroom is an exciting opportunity to make your space exactly how you want. Below, we have included some of the top trends for bathroom remodels in 2017.

Mediterranean Design –

Really popular right now is to include a Mediterranean theme to the bathroom. Having a bathroom that looks like it could be found in Portugal, Spain, or Morocco is all over the pages of top design magazines. This can easily be accomplished with featured mosaics or arabesque tiles. Also, think about including some metallic or terra cotta colors sprinkled throughout the bathroom.

Three Dimensional Tiles –

This is a new, fun trend that is popping up in new bathroom designs. The 3-D tiles add an element of fun while making a statement. Consider placing the 3-D tiles in the shower or as a backsplash to really highlight their design impact. The tiles really have a way to include an art deco theme in the bathroom.

Include Technology –

With how much technology has advanced in the past 10 years, there is no reason that the bathroom should be left behind. It is relatively easy now to include media in the bathroom. Bathrooms can include televisions or even include speakers in the shower. If the bathroom is a place to relax, why not relax with a few tunes too?

Super Showers –

Including a deluxe shower, with all of its luxury, is a popular trend in bathroom remodels. This means adding a shower with multiple spray jets that are fully adjustable for the ultimate shower experience. When remodeling the bathroom, adding these features to the shower is relatively easy to do once the plumbing is already in place.

Pampered with Heat –

For full bathroom remodels, why not think about adding heated floors to your space? Heated floors are a wonderful addition to heat your feet as you leave a hot shower. Or, for smaller remodels, you can still indulge with heated towel bars. It is quite a pampered feeling to leave the shower and grab a hot towel to dry off.

West County Renovations can help incorporate some of these trends when remodeling your bathroom. Contact us today and let us help create the bathroom of your dreams.